Workshop: Emulation

Emulation: Case Studies in Virtual Ramp-Ups

Chairs: Guido Follert, Fraunhofer IML, Dortmund (Germany); Sven Spieckermann, SimPlan AG, Maintal (Germany)

The three talks present current developments in the area of virtual ramp-up of control logic in logistic systems. A survey presentation is opening the workshop followed by an example of the virtual ramp-up of the warehouse management system. A second case study in the area of airport logistics illustrates how broad the support of the launch of a large logistic system by means of emulation might be. The workshop addresses practitioners and researchers in the field of simulation, emulation, IT, production and logistics and is a follow-up event of similar workshops at the 11th conference in Berlin and the 12th conference in Kassel.

Workshop: Optimisation

Simulation-based Optimisation of Processes in Production and Logistics

Chair: Lothar März, V-Research, Dornbirn (Austria)

The application of mathematical optimisation in conjunction with simulation can in several ways help to reach better results more quickly, in order to fulfil the problem definition. In comparison to the chances given by optimisation, reports on the successful integration of simulation and optimisation are rarely given. Therefore, ASIM has initiated an expert group, in order to elaborate systematically the applicability, chances, and constraints of simulation-based optimisation. In this workshop, members of the expert group will provide an overview on possible integration mechanisms for simulation and optimisation, and show case studies.