Exposé Submission

Users, suppliers and scientists who would like to contribute to the success of the conference with a presentation are requested to submit an exposé via EasyChair by February 24th, 2023. Submissions can be made in German and English.

You can find the Call for Papers here.

The submission of the exposés is done via EasyChair.

Based on the exposé, authors will be requested to submit a full paper. In the second stage, the complete contribution is reviewed. All accepted contributions will be published in a printed conference volume, which can also be obtained from bookstores.

The exposé with a maximum length of 1000 words (which may be accomponied by one or two figures) should include statements about the following bullet points:

  • Motivation, problem definition and reference to simulation
  • Short scientific differentiation to existing works in this field or a brief distinction to previous (company- or sector-specific) approaches in this field
  • Comprehensible description of the approaches and research or project results that will be extensively presented in the intended paper
  • Outline of the planned paper’s structure
  • Literature references, particularly with regards to works of other authors

The full paper has to be created based on the following template, for the abstract it is recommended to use the template. The template is both a content guide and formatting guidelines that are mandatory to follow.



We would be pleased if you would enrich the conference with a contribution. Below you will find the deadlines for submitting a contribution:

Submission of the exposés02/10/2023
Extended submission deadline 02/24/2023
Notification of the authors03/24/2023
Submission of the contributions (Full Paper)05/12/2023
Review of contributions (peer review)06/23/2023
Submission of camera ready manuscript07/14/2023

All submissions are made via EasyChair.



Please note that one participant must be registered for the conference per accepted paper. Registration will be online in due course.

The participation fee is as follows:

Base price990,- €
Early booking discount (until 07/01/2023)minus 50,- €
Members of ASIM / GI / EUROSIMminus 140,- €
Submission of contributionminus 170,- €
Multiple participants, per institution from the 2nd participantminus 140,- €
University members receive a discount of 40% after deduction of the amounts.

For late registration after 08/15/2023, an additional processing fee of 50.00 € will be charged.

If submitting a conference paper, author registration is mandatory by 07/14/2023.

The basic price includes participation in lectures and exhibition, the conference proceedings, lunch/refreshments, and an evening event.

*) During the conference, picture, film and sound recordings will be made. By registering, you give your consent for these recordings to be published in reports or publications about the conference.



Special offers are available to ASIM participants at the following hotels.
Please mention the booking keyword "ASIM 2023" when booking your accommodation and, if applicable, note the booking deadlines of the respective hotels.

Berg- und Spahotel Gabelbach ****

Am Gabelbach 1, 98693 Ilmenau
info@gabelbach.com or reservierung@gabelbach.com
Rate: Single room from 97,00 Euro
Phone: +49 (0) 3677 860-0
Deadline: 2. August 2023
Distance from venue: 6 km

Hotel Tanne ***s

Lindenstraße 38, 98693 Ilmenau
Rate: Single room from 80,00 Euro
Phone: +49 (0) 3677 659-0
Deadline: 20. Juli 2023
Distance from venue: 2,2 km

Mara Hotel ***

Krohnestraße 5, 98693 Ilmenau
Rate: Single room from 84,00 Euro
Phone: +49 (0) 3677 468039-0
Deadline: 9. Juli 2023
Distance from venue: 1,5 km

Hotel Ilmenauer Hof ***

Erfurter Straße 38, 98693 Ilmenau
Rate: Single room from 68,00 Euro
Phone: +49 (0) 3677 689-2753
Deadline: none
Distance from venue: 3,1 km