“documenta-city Kassel

Kassel is located in the centre of Germany and is part of the county of Hesse. Kassel is the biggest city in Northern Hesse and is well known for its rich cultural programme and leisure opportunities. Since 2013 Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park is recognized as a World Heritage Site. The Mountain Park is the largest park of this type to find in Europe. It houses Schloss Wilhelmsöhe (Wilhelmshöhe castle), Löwenburg (Löwenburg castle) and Herkules (the Hercules) which is the landmark of Kassel. For many years Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm chose Kassel for their residence. In June 2014 the Brothers Grimm Museum opened its doors and it displays the Grimm´s most famous fairytales and legends. Every five years the “documenta” takes place in Kassel. It is the most important series of exhibitions hosting contemporary art in the world with the Friedericianum being the central exhibition site. Since March 1999 Kassel has officially chosen the name “documenta-city”.

Schloss Wilhelmshöhe (Wilhelmshöhe castle)
(Source: © Angela Wöhrmann / Universität Kassel)
Friedericianum (the center of documenta)
(Source: © Universität Kassel)


Region Nordhessen

More than one million people are living in the North of Hesse and the largest city in this area is the former capital of Electorate of Hesse named Cassel. North Hesse is dominated by a forested low mountain range. The following mountains traverse the region: Rothaargebirge (843,2 m), Fulda-Werra-Bergland (753,6 m), Kellerwald (675,3 m), Knüllgebirge (635,5 m), Habichtswald (614,7 m), Reinhardswald (472,2 m) and Burgwald (443,1 m). The highest mountain is the Wasserkuppe with an elevation of 950,2 m.
The rivers Werra and Fulda flow through Northern Hesse and in Hann. Münden they join to become the Weser. A tributary to the Fulda is the river Eder, which combined with the Edersee, is the second largest reservoir in Germany. In this area you can also find the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee which is the only national park in Hesse. In addition there are numerous nature park such as the Meissner-Kaufunger forest or the Diemelsee Nature Park.

Edertalsperre (Edersee)
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Dornröschenschloss Sababurg (Reinhardswald)
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Conference Venue

Our conference venue is located on the Campus North of Kassel University.

The sessions will be held in the lecture halls Campus Center.
The accompanying exhibition takes place on the ground floor of the Campus Center. There you may exchange with exhibitors and be indulged by the provided catering area.

Campus Holländischer Platz
(Source: © Knut Wiarda / Universität Kassel)
Main view of Campus-Center
(Source: © Raumzeit Architekten / Universität Kassel)
The inside area of the Campus-Center
(Source: © Raumzeit Architekten / Universität Kassel)